Kik Tracee-Don’t Need Rules

I despise the fact that this band got lost in the hair metal overflow and rejection. Such an amazing, talented, brilliant band and album. Strong writing, a massively hook-filled, but diverse sound, and true talent…

Drivin’ and Cryin’-Fly Me Courageous

Kik Tracee-No Rules

D.A.D-Sleeping My Day Away

Baker’s Pink-Euphoria

Baker’s Pink-Watercolours

Funhouse-One Funhouse

Kik Tracee - Outta My Bed (1992) (by DBerry80)

Kik Tracee - Mrs Robinson (by blindex5)

Mind Funk - Sister Blue (by MindFunkVEVO)

Warrior Soul - We Cry Out (by WarriorSoulVEVO)

While they were lumped in with the hair bands due to their placement on The Headbanger’s Ball, Warrior Soul were a lot more intelligent, political, diverse, and angry than the more glammy bands. I think if this debut album had come out 5 years later or 5 years earlier, they would have been considered alternative.

Warrior Soul - The Losers (by WarriorSoulVEVO)